Developer Cloud Startup Packet Lands $25M In Series B

Packet today in a report has announced today a major update to its “bare-metal” cloud platform, which provides server capacity with no software preinstalled. The company also raised an amount of $25 million Series B funding round which is led by Third Point Ventures.

Packet is a startup which is based out of New York City-based that’s gaining traction with its developer-friendly service that provides highly customizable infrastructure for running bare-metal servers in the cloud. But instead of just renting server space alongside other customers, Packet’s users can also “own” the hardware they run, so they can tap into its full resources.

Packet cloud for the developers is as of now available in more than 20 locations across the globe and can even support up to 60000 bare metal installations each month. Moreover what the company does is to automate the data centre networks and hardware which also enables the developers to consume some of the physical infrastructure at scale.

It also offers a “Private Deployment” option for software-as-a-service companies and enterprises that want to leverage customized infrastructure together with the automation and operational benefits of running in a public cloud. So for example, if a customer needs to deploy some TPUs in Packet’s data centers, the company will take care of setting them up and managing them.

“Packet’s solutions are not about putting data center grade hardware at the far edge,” Smith said. “We work in concert with devices at the edge of the network by providing robust computing power nearby. This is especially impactful as the networks themselves evolve to become more distributed and more powerful. Bringing powerful, automated and secure compute to the network edge is what we’re working on.”

The company is also going to use its new funds to pay the salaries of its new executive which also includes lhab Tarazi, who is also formely known as CTO at Equinix Inc, as also its new CTO. The other people are George Karidis who is the former COO at SoftLayer, who also becomes a Packet New COO.

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