Deutsche Bank Shares Rise as Axes Whole Teams in Pacific Asia

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On Sunday Deutsche Bank had announced a massive cut of employees by 2022. As the first step, on Monday, the bank informed the employees in the Asia-Pacific to lay off their positions. As a result, the shares of the company rose in pre-market trade as the company aims to be.

The German bank, on Saturday, informed about the cut aiming a vast transformation and restructuring by 2022. The plan costs around 7.4 million euros ($8.31 billion).

The abrupt cut in Asia-Pacific will be a major threat to the employees working in other regions as the bank has no plan of lay off geographically. The names of the employees have not been revealed for that they have to return later to claim the redundancy packages, Reuters from Sydney reports. 

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The atmosphere has become gloomy outside Deutsche in Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

According to Reuters, a man with the knowledge of the Banks operation in Australia said that four major equity capital marketing was being dispersed, but the problem would not be influenced the mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 

In recent years, the bank could hold the rank under 10 in these regions. And there are 4,700 employees in Sydney itself. 

The spokesperson of the company said they would not provide information about the lay off procedure, but they would directly communicate with the employees, Reuters reports. 

“We understand these changes affect people’s lives profoundly and we will do whatever we can to be as responsible and sensitive as possible implementing these changes,” she said.

In a letter to the staffs, Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing said this is a change for a stable flow of revenue, and he considers it as a ‘restart’. The plan will be to focus on equity capital markets to restructure the fixed income. 

“We are creating a bank that will be more profitable, leaner, more innovative and more resilient,” Christian Sewing said.

The company now, expecting a report of around 2.8 billion euros net loss in the second half of 2019 and the 18,000 job cuts will increase globally to redeem the losses. 


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