Step Into The Eco-Friendly World With Desserto’s Cactus Leather

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According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to meet the leather demand, almost 1 billion animals are slaughtered every year. However, a few fashion industries are producing plant-based leather for reducing the count of animal harm. In 2019, the most liked brand H&M had revealed that it had produced vegan jackets made from pineapple leather. In contrast, Thies GmbH & Co., a German footwear brand, has launched a collection of leather shoes made from olive leaves. Besides these international brands, Malai Fashions, a Kerala-based brand, had produced leathers and fashion accessories from coconut. 

Although these vegan leather goods does no harm to animals by killing them. However, for improvising the look of leather, they use plastic-derived materials, which again goes against the environment. Encouraged with this methodology of producing an entirely eco-friendly and sustainable leather alternative of animal leather, the two Mexican entrepreneurs Marte Cázarez and Adrián López Velarde introduced Desserto, the revolutionizing organic leather made out of cactus named nopal.

After having the first-hand experience of working in fashion industries and furniture automotive, by knowing the statistics of chemical usage and harming the animal, the duo has realized that environmental pollution is a severe problem. The duo took the initiative of making eco-friendly leather, which is degradable and made of no use of chemical components. 

Step Into The Eco-Friendly World With Desserto’s Cactus Leather

The founders came up with the idea of developing a method of transforming cactus into the leather, which gives a realistic look as well as fits every requirement of leather similar to animal leather. As the cactus has rugged, robust, and thick skin, which is perfectly textured to imitate animal leather. They were fascinated with the nopal cactus because of its abundance of growth throughout Mexico, and the best side is that cactus did not need water for growth.

They left their jobs and spent 2 years in R&D to turn a nopal cactus leaves and develop the perfect cactus-based leather that fits with the requirements and all the technical/mechanical specifications required to industries, who use animal and synthetic leather. 

Desserto is also known as cactus or nopal vegan leather. According to Adrián, the touch and feel of this nopal vegan leather are very similar to real leather. Besides, it is soft, breathable, flexible, and durable, making it an ideal replacement for the traditional leather used. 

As per an international B2B fashion brand, Fashion United reported Desserto cactus leather is fully organic with high resistance, 10 years durability, partially biodegradable, customizable, perfect elasticity, and very high quality, which is an ideal fit for making accessories, clothing, furniture, and even car interiors. 

Lately, Adrián and Marte launched Desserto as a creation of their company Adriano Di Marti at the International Leather Fair Lineapelle 2019 in Milan. Desserto also participated at RawAssembly, an Australian sustainable raw materials sourcing event, whereas Vogue Australia reported that Desserto had gained the attention of all at the event.

Although its website shows pictures of wallets and purses; however, the duo settled on manufacturing only fabrics for designers and fashion brands. Desserto marks as the very first vegan cactus leather. It currently has 2 hectares field of nopals with an expansion capacity of 40 hectares. Besides, it can produce 500,000 linear meters product a month and cost the same as traditional leather. The latest vegan and plant-based news, LiveKindly, has estimated that Desserto will mark $85 billion valuations by 2025. 

Adrián thinks that as the demand for eco-friendly materials is increasing rapidly, so he took the chance to come up with some alternative yet effective new material and succeeded.


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