Denteric Is Launched To Vaccinate Against Gum Disease

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A new Australian startup is entering the biotech industry with a promising vaccine for gum disease. Denteric, based in Melbourne, the company acquires $14 million in its A-Series fundraising backed by Australian life sciences investment capital, the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF), CSL Ltd and the University of Melbourne.

The Series A investment will be reflected in the vaccine research program. Denteric is expecting to finish the treatment trial in humans in 2-3 years. By introducing effective vaccines for periodontal disease, it expects to bring a healthy life for the people with the disease. 

Denteric is making vaccines that target the major virulence factors produced by the bacterium Porphyromonas Gingivalis and related species. Periodontal disease comes under gum disease, and the number of patients with the disease is increasing globally. According to the firm, the new vaccine can treat severe periodontal disease and its complications.

Denteric Is Launched To Vaccinate Against Gum Disease

The firm is also going to develop a treatment for other medical conditions that can be formed because of P gingivalis. The major issues include cardiovascular diseases, Arthritis, and cancer. 

University of Melbourne Professor Eric Reynolds Denteric founder and CEO said he’d been developing the therapeutic vaccine to treat periodontitis for a long time with the support of the team there. 

In a real collaboration with the Australian Government and private capital, we have kick-started a company to bring a Melbourne-developed gum disease therapy to market, he said.

With an unparalleled reputation in Australia, Professor Eric C. Reynolds is the right person to lead the new company. He started getting prestigious awards in Australia for his contribution to the dental industry. Recently, he was elected as the Vice-President of the International Association for Dental Research. 

The robust team includes four directors as well. Senior Vice President, Research at CSL, Dr Andrew Nash, medical research commercialization expert Anne-Laure Puaux, Investment experts Chris Smith, Ingmar Wahlqvist are the directors.


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