Tartu’s Honeydrop Startup Decomer Technology Lifts $350,000

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European Union based biotechnology startup Decomer Technology has recently raised fundings $350,000 to date. The names of investors who participated in this massive funding are yet not revealed. The startup is aiming to lift the total investment with another $1.1 million this year. 

Stepping toward preserving the ecosystem for future generations and supporting the ban of plastic, Mart Salumae and Kelly Kangur took the initiative. The founders were highly interested in science, which made them get attention to the study of biopolymers after experiencing various flaws in the pattern and lifecycle of our daily usage material.

To replace the plastic on a large scale of a one-time use product, the duo made the packaging of water-soluble drops of honey, which are quick, convenient, and eco-friendly. They started the water-dissolvable and edible packaging medium and products startup named Decomer Technology. 

Tartu’s Honeydrop Startup Decomer Technology Lifts $350,000

Mart Salumae said that in the year 2020, Decomer Technology is planning to launch the sale of its products and continue with the development of the same. Also to test with hand-full of the globally leading manufacturer of basic essentials.

Our components can be used in the food industry, as all our material is plant origin, soluble and edible. Talking about the future, the Decomer Technology team wishes to make the material more water-resistant and implement innovative applications that are beyond the food industry, he added. 

Originated at the University of Tartu, Decomer Technology was active in San Francisco and also involved in the IndieBio life science accelerator program. Decomer Technology also participated in the competition held in Berlin. 

In December 2019, the competition was organized named Extreme Tech Challenge for startups. The competition was held to search for solutions to challenges related to the ecosystem and the climate. Decomer Technology was the only Estonian startup to stand the finals of Extreme Tech Challenge and secured its position amongst the top 3 finalists.


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