Startup in Review: Datapine | Business Intelligence Tool

Datapine is a data visualization and business intelligence tools which is rolled into a single package. It helps organizations and companies to understand their data better, discover the high quality and highly actionable insights which enable them to make smart business decisions, design and execute effective strategies and achieve their goals in the most efficient and quickest ways.

With the help of datapine, users have a scalable data analysis software that they can configure easily to help them access their business intelligence. It has an intuitive interface of drag and drop, limitless dashboards, and a wide selection of charts which allow them to dig deep into their data and make sense out of everything even without using the data expertise or the extensive SQL.

Benefits of Datapine

Centralized Data Management and Analysis

Datapine provides you a platform which lets you link every data source that your organization had and puts them all in a single unified location. It has a user-friendly data integration capability, and even the nontechnical users can use the software and analyze the data effortlessly with the help of different data connections.

With the help of datapine, you can connect your data warehouse to a different set of data sources which includes the social media channels, ERP’s, API’s, CRM’s and other business systems. All your data are then stored in a single location which makes its management a real breeze.

Visualize The Data You Need

Just like the other business intelligence tools, datapine does not require any of the team members to work with the IT department and its personnel to make the visualizations of a specific data. Any datapine users can access their data and generate the beautiful visitations that are easy to comprehend and act upon.

Innovative Data Dashboards

You go to have the tools to break down your data into the pieces that you can understand and digest easily. Datapine modern business dashboards come loaded with the state of the art features that show you the layers of data, which provides you a crystal clear picture of your business so that you will know what exactly to do next.