Cynaptx | A Tool To Connect Recruiters And Students

Recruiters are the beginning of every great team. They scour the talent pools to find their team and organization the perfect A player to match their company’s needs. Without a stellar team of recruiters, you wouldn’t have the top level executives, leaders and employees that your organization depends on to succeed. And this is where Cynaptx came into the picture.

Cynaptx An Introduction

Cynaptx provides with career services departments with the comprehensive software that streamlines, simplifies and accelerates the interactions with both the students and employers so that they can bridge the gap between two parties.

All those students who are just going to complete their college or university education are constantly seeking potential deployment after they graduate. Employers are also always on the lookout for a new talent that they can develop into the superstar assets for their organizations. Cynaptx career services platform gives the career services offices and staff with the platform and solution that helps the graduating students and employers find each other.

Career service departments are treated to a wide range of features and capabilities, which includes student management tools, job profiles, interactive dashboard, content management, interview scheduling, and some others.

Let us look at some of the features of Cynaptx:

Career Services Management Made Easy

Cynaptx provides career service professionals, students, and recruiters less complicated and more seamless than ever. This SaaS-based career service management platform lets the users create with the custom workflows that suit their existing way of operating and comes with an integrated reporting engine that transforms all the interactions between career service, recruiters and students smooth, highly productive and friction-less.

Centralized Career Services Management

Cynaptx Career Service Platform puts all your contacts, operations, task information and much more in single, much more unified platform. This makes it easy for you and your staff to manage, develop and monitor all the career service related activities.

The tool also helps the career center gain insight and much more flexibility they need to foster the ongoing success, thanks to a centralized system to manage all the relationship with the employers and students. Engagement between the employers and students is dramatically improvised, connections are effortlessly facilitated, thus results in better employment and student outcomes.

A wide range of clients

Cynaptx is a leading CSM system of choice for the thousands of universities and colleges, an academic institution of all the sizes and shapes. From the small colleges with a single career service staff to the national universities with more than 100000 students and alumni and multiple brand locations trusts the Cynaptx for the career service needs of their organization.

To Sum Up

Overall, Cynaptx offers the great features which is used both by the organizations and students to connect with each other.