Customize Your House Beautifully With SNOWCITY Designer Curtains

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The interior and exterior decoration is not only for making the room beautiful, but it also plays a vital role in enhancing your mood and setting a perfect ambiance for any event. When talking about the decore, than one of the essential factors behind the aesthetics of any room is the curtains. It majorly helps in decorating the veranda and courtyards. Also, it blocks the sun and the dangerous UV rays and creates a shield to the rain showers and outdoor dust. On an interesting note, the curtain integrates a classic elegance to your space, talking about the classic look, then SNOWCITY is the only name that strikes the mind. 

In 2008, SNOWCITY was founded as a professional designer brand specialized in the production of curtains. All the curtains are designed and crafted by our skilled artisans and the US-based leading designers. The original fabric processing, curtain dyeing, and production are done in-house and strictly undergoes with international standards. All the fabrics used at this brand are 100% recyclable. To seize the natural environment of your living area, the brand offers an eco-friendly process that generates only a small amount of waste. This material is GREENGUARD certified that assures to safeguard the quality of air in your living space. 

SNOWCITY has a distinct style and material of curtains, which include Blackout, Outdoor, Swatch, Sheer, Valances, Fireproof, etc. All the curtains offer a vast range of color choices and prints in the best suitable fabrics. The Fireproof category is a self-extinguishing flame-retardant curtain and certified by the National Fire Protection Association. Besides, the fabric used for the outdoor style curtains is manufactured under the world’s most toughest standards to withstand low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Customize Your House Beautifully With SNOWCITY Designer Curtains

The firms claim that all the SNOWCITY blackout curtains block more than 95% light and UV rays and if purchased darker shade, than it totally blackouts. The curtains are created with triple weave technology, which blocks the outside noise, best works when watching TV. According to the founder, as per the in-house testing, SNOWCITY’s Sebastian Insulated Total Blackout Curtains are the best of all the Blackout curtains that block all light. 

These curtains are best for pitch-black bedroom recommended for people with extreme light sensitivity and for shift workers who take rest or sleep during the day time. Although this curtain is not as pretty as all other SNOWCITY curtains; however, it is accurate to keep a room cave-dark. In addition, triple weave blackout fabric helps in balancing the room temperature and insulates against the winter chill and summer heat. It also protects your floors, furniture, and artwork from the damage of the sun. 

According to the founder, all the curtains are wrinkle-free, machine washable, tumble dry, steam clean, heat-resistance, and thread trimmed that says that it needs less maintenance. It has a 1.6-inch inner diameter ring, which easily fits with all standard curtain rods. Ready to drape it around your room. 

The founder claims that all the SNOWCITY’s curtains are greatly appreciated in the US markets. The team aims to offer 100% satisfaction on every product with attractive value to customers at affordable prices. The SNOWCITY team wants everyone to decorate their houses with colorful and printed curtains, so to avail huge savings, the brand offers a heavy discount when applied Snowcity Coupon Code at the checkout page. Also, on every purchase, SNOWCITY is donating $0.5 to American Red Cross for the coronavirus rescue fund.


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