Cryptagio lists the Nucleus Vision token – nCash on its platform

Powered and supported by the Blockchain and the ION sensor technologies, Nucleus Vision is one of the world first Internet of Things based User Identification platform which allows the retailers to identify the identity of any customer who walks into a store in real time.

Nucleus Vision which was founded in the year 2014 at Harvard University, is also commonly known as the Bell Boi Inc is all set to empower retail stores with the data Intelligence of the customer data as of now which is only available with the e-commerce stores. Nucleus ION sensors do not have any dependency on any Bluetooth, Wifi, or even any of the facial recognition technologies to work.

nCash Token

The nCash token which is developed to used in the Nucleus ecosystem to enable various transactions: starting from data exchange to rewards program.

Moreover, nCash both fuels the Nucleus Vision Loyalty Program and provides a bonus to provide the smooth flow of data across all the stakeholders.

nCash is a cryptocurrency which is non-mineable with a total capacity of 10 billion. Anyone can gain the nCash tokens either by purchasing them on the crypto retailers or by interacting with the Nucleus vision ecosystem.

So, any of the users who want to earn nCash tokens can now trade on Cryptagio platform, which allows other to come into the possession of this potent cryptocurrency.

About nCash:

The nCash token is our cryptocurrency, which will be used for transactions across the NUCLEUS ecosystem. The nature of the transactions will vary from reward points to pure play currency as information is exchanged between players in the ecosystem. It is our expectation that as the business models and technology mature, so will the exact operation of the nCash tokens.

nCash is a non-mineable cryptocurrency with a supply cap of 10 billion tokens and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. To understand the role of the nCash token in NUCLEUS, one must first understand the different transactions performed by players in our ecosystem.