Now Build Native Mobile Applications Easily Via Creo

The mobile app building process is known to consist of two aspects, development and design stages. While handling the two independently remains some of them relatively acceptable for developers and designers among others creative individuals, there is no question that they would also be an appreciate a too, that harmonizes both the processes in one easy and simple executable platform. It goes without saying that at a time when many players in the niche prefer to focus much more on creating the unique and fresh mobile app, Creo comes in handy in filling some of the existing gaps in this regard.

Creo An Introduction

Creo is an efficient tool that even streamlines the process of the app development for the MacOS. It takes into consideration how long it takes to simply develop and design mobile applications with much more traditional tools, so it is built to make app creation processes faster and more straightforward. In place of handling the development and design aspects separately, maybe utilizing the different tools, it allows users to combine everything into one sort of workflow. As a result of which, it facilitates a close focus on the fine-tuning the details of the product instead of dealing with the endless code or any other typical operations you can easily avoid. In a much crisper way, Creo is all about integrating design and development in one seamless application.

Features of Creo:

CreoKIT native framework

The formula behind the impressive functionality and unprecedented performance of this tool is the CreoKIT framework. With the latest technology users do not have to deal with the web-based or simulated code instead they get to utilize the native components and classes which open way for more efficiency. The CreoKIT technology is by many standards responsible for a large number of elements that run on this tool. It even opens the way to some of the more endless possibilities.

Run iOS code directly on your Mac

Creo is all about affording a better user experience. As such it even allows the execution of any iOS code on the MacOS without any change. As a standard MacOS framework, CreoKIT makes porting of mobile applications to Mac quite straightforward. It even offers users the power to run the native iOS app on Mac when linked to the relevant source code with the Swift or Objective-C native framework.

Animations like a Pro with real-time feedback

In the modern mobile applications, animations are widely used to better up the user way of experience. Creo offers a fresh way to build better animations. Courtesy of its intuitive timeline interface that supports the real-time feedback, users can drop the objects they need to animate in the relevant panel and immediately embark on testing and properties, settings and timing. Creo makes it easy to create dynamic animations by eliminating the need for complex calculations and time have taken to handle a lot of details. When done, the product is usually a native Core Animation object that will run at native speed on device.


To Sum Up

As the next-gen mobile app creation tool for the MacOS, Creo provides with the unique tech tool for developing and creating native apps with one simple and easy workflow. It provides with a complete eco-system that hastens the development and design phases of app creation making the powerful and ideal for the needs of modern and latest designers.