Doctors Warns COVID-19 Recovered Patients Getting Infected Again

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After China and South Korea, now India also reported that a handful of people who suffered from COVID-19 are all over again getting the coronavirus infection. 

Punjab's district Mohali-based hospital has mentioned that the 10 coronaviruses recovered patients discharged from the hospital last week have again tested positive. Alongside this, a recovered patient from Himachal Pradesh has again found corona positive. There are pieces of evidence that show that some coronavirus patients were also found symptomatic in Kerala.

Now the question is how the recovered patients, who already have enough antibodies in their blood, are getting infected again? The question has been answered by 2 senior PGI Chandigarh doctors who were taking charge of COVID-19 hospital.

To a leading publishing firm, PGI Chandigarh Prof Ashish Bhalla said there are 2 different things- the disease and infection. An individual get infected when the virus gets inside the body, and it will lead to a disease when the viruses begin to multiply and overwhelms your immune response.

Doctors Warns COVID-19 Recovered Patients Getting Infected Again

Prof Bhalla mentioned that coronavirus could exist in the body even when a patient's immune system overwhelms the antigen. He further explained that even just the presence of the virus in the patient's nasal cavity might not specifically mean a disease unless it is proved that this person has symptoms.

The virus mutates very quickly. In certain cases, if the virus has already mutated and a new strain has developed, you could get the infection again. This is also seen in China and South Korea too, said Prof Bhalla.

Dean of Academics Prof GD Puri stated that a COVID-19 recovered patient could not infect others after 10 days and however advised strict isolation for another 14 days.

Generally, when a patient is admitted to the hospital, the patient is kept under observation and treatment in the hospital for 10 days or till he/she gets recovers. If the patient is asymptomatic, then as per the ICMR protocol, after 10 days, he/she is discharged from the hospital and is advised to take precautions for one to two weeks and stay in self-isolation, Prof GD Puri noted.

Besides, it is still a mystery how an individual catches the COVID-19 infection. Even the patients are unable to recall how they infected themselves.

People say coronavirus is airborne, few people say it is a droplet infection- it is a million-dollar question. To get infected, the virus has to come in contact with your nose or inside the mouth or wherever the mucous surface is. The only way to stop the viruses from getting inside the body is by blocking the transmission, said Dr. GD Puri.

The doctors have stressed 3 important points to block transmission of COVID-19 disease- wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and avoiding visiting crowded places.

The significant reason for the COVID-19 transmission is that people avoid wearing a mask while being around family members, colleagues, and friends, thinking that it is safe.


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