Study Confirms Cough and Fever Are Common Symptoms of COVID-19

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According to the scientific literature’s major review, the most common symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus is persistent fever and coughing. However, it has been recently concluded that fatigue, difficulty in breathing, and losing the ability to smell are other basic symptoms of the infection. 

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has studied the disease and listed the general symptoms of the pandemic.

The scientific study from 5 reputed universities, which also included the UK-based University of Leeds. The combined data from 148 separately held studies have identified the common symptoms experienced by over 24,000 patients from 9 countries, which included China, the UK, and the US.

Study Confirms Cough and Fever Are Common Symptoms of COVID-19

One of the most prominent reviews ever conducted on the coronavirus symptoms has gathered the study and published in the Public Library of Science’s peer-reviewed open access scientific journal named PLoS ONE. In this review, scientists have acknowledged that there is likely to be a majority of people who were infected with the virus but were asymptomatic.

The study conducted on 24,410 positive coronavirus cases has found that around 78% of patients had a fever. The number varies across various countries- Singapur reported 72% of fever, whereas Korea reported 32% of fever. The coronavirus symptoms of cough were reported around 57%. This number also varied across various countries as Netherland reported 76% of patients with coughing, and Korea reported 18% of coughing symptoms in patients. Around 31% of coronavirus cases were reported suffering from fatigue, and 25% of patients lost the ability to smell. 23% of the coronavirus patients have reported difficulty in breathing.

The scientist believes that the difference in the commonness of symptoms is because of the different ways the data was collected in various countries.

Among all those coronavirus patients who required hospital treatment, 17% of patients needed non-invasive help with their breathing, and 19% of patients had to be looked after in an intensive care unit. 2% of patients required extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (an artificial lung), and 9% of patients needed invasive ventilation.

The Leeds Institute of Medical Research’s Clinical Research Fellow and surgeon, Ryckie Wade, who supervised the research, has stated that the entire analysis has confirmed that fever and cough were the most common symptoms in the positive coronavirus patients.


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