Sonovia Claims To Have Nanotechnology Textile To Beat Coronavirus

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Sonovia Ltd., an Israeli anti-bacterial fabric startup has claimed to have developed a technology, which can create virus resistance textiles and masks to help fight against the coronavirus. The startup uses in-house developed nanotechnology to infuse textiles with antifungal and anti-bacterial chemicals. As of now, this technology has sent to labs in China for testing.

The nanotechnology process developed at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University is the same technology used by the startup to create protective textile equipment and mask. This process is effective in sealing the penetration of bacteria and fungus. During an ultrasonic-assisted impregnation process, which infuses the technology mechanically by adding metal oxides nanoparticles on textiles. These particles are a specialized chemical compound that converts the textiles into a highly powerful barrier against fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

In a press release, Sonovia’s co-founder Shay Herscovich said that their team had recognized the method to improve the fabric’s ability to remove bacteria and viruses. On Thursday, they sent several fabrics to China to a medical lab in Chengdu, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing had officially received it.

Sonovia Claims To Have Nanotechnology Textile To Beat Coronavirus

However, it will take some days to colonize the coronavirus on the fabric and analyze if their technology can be effective as claimed. 

The Israeli company says that they are now proving the potential of this technology. The nanotechnology can be used on masks, gowns, hospital bedding, protective clothing, and other apparel as well to protect hospital staff, other patients, etc from infections. 

In a phone interview, Sonovia’s scientist, Dr.Jason Migdal says that he firmly believes that the nanotechnology process would effectively restrict the growth of bacteria and fungus. Besides, it might be helpful and effective to curb the proliferation of this virus. It is based upon a physical phenomenon called cavitation. The nanotechnology enhanced textile is so powerful that it can maintain its anti-pathogen activity at up to 100 washes when washed at 75° Celsius and 65 washes when washed at 92° Celsius.


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