Contraverse – Watch Movies From The Characters POV In Virtual Reality.

Toronto, Canada based virtual reality distribution and production company Contraverse, is best known for its immersive Virtual Reality experience, which has also been shown during the time of film festivals like the Toronto New Wave and FIVARS. Today, now the company has also announced the launch of its first app, which gives consumers easy access to the content which it merely creates.

Contraverse, is keen to make its film content available to like a broader consumer base as possible, mainly due to the fact that it is only been seen by a small audience up to now. SO, the free app comes up with support for the HTC Vive, Google DayDream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Steam VR which is available on all the headsets respective stores with a Stream version shortly.

As of now, the app comes up with the feature of three monoscopic 360 degree videos, Pawn Broken Mirror, and Contravision, each pitting you inside the body of the main characters, so that user can experience from the story from their perspective. Some of the synopsis for each are as follows:

  • Pawn – A gateway driver finds himself in a warehouse which is being interrogated by two agents which are going to questioning him for a crime which he even can’t remember committing.
  • Broken Mirror: Kyle is trapped in a motel room with nothing but his reflection and dark secrets.
  • Contravision: In the more near future, Winston experience a lonely birthday through the lens of the broken Artificial Intelligence which is morely powered by an augmented reality glasses.

“This app is part of our mission for global and accessible distribution of cinematic virtual reality experiences,” said Josh Gonsalves, Contraverse co-founder, and CEO in a statement. “We believe that an app like this is crucial for the mainstream adoption of VR and immersive media.

“We are obsessed with letting everyone have a VR experience and are so excited to be able to do that using our application,” noted Marisa Tessone, co-founder and COO.