Startup in Review: Connetric | Wireless Charging USB-C Hub

Connetric has designed a new wireless charging USB Type C Hub, which even works just like as the wireless charging for the laptop charging, data transforming, and more. The Connetric Wireless charging USB Type C hub has been launched and is now available to back with the early bird pledges which are available at $50. If all the things go well then the shipping across the globe is expected to take by the end of next month.

One Hub

Connetric is a USB Type C hub which allows you to access the used ports such as the USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. It is the resourceful hub which has everything you need for an effective workspace.

Ditch the Dongles

Now, cut the cords and ditch the dongles. It gives you everything which you need in a compact and small package. You can take full advantage of your USB-C ports with the help of it.


Just like any other adaptor or dongle available in the market, it comes up with built in wireless charging. With the help of it, you can even utilize the 4K HDMI connection, while also charging your laptop, wireless charging your smartphone and similarly utilizing the 3 USB ports to charge 3 other devices all at the lightning speed.

Your Charging Station

  • Data transmission Standard USB-A port and HDD storage.
  • USB 3.0 Standard 5GBPS transmission
  • With support for the Mobile phone charging.
  • Support both the write and read data, card reader, mouse, keyboard, digital camera, SSD, and USB disk.
  • 0 single port power output max to 4.5W (5V/0.9A)

Now Connect. Freely.

  • USB-C port comes with support for the reversible plug.
  • USB Type C display port at the Alt mode.
  • It supports the upstream power charging.
  • PD charge power up to 60W.
  • USB-C port compliant with USB3.1 specs

“Light, Sleek, Portable. Connetric, a laptop charger that transfers data, a USB-C hub that charges phone wireless, an All-in-One device. You’ve got so many devices! How do you organize and charge everything? Cell phones, laptop chargers, Apple Watch, flash drives, hard drives, cameras, e-cigs, monitors, headsets, drones, printers, DVD drives, ipads, Kindles, power banks, VR glasses, mics, keyboards, mice and so much more! “ the Company CEO said in a blog post.