Communitech To Help Canadian Startups To Grow International Sales

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Leading Canadian industry-led innovation center Communitech has been assisting many startups in growing for more than two decades.

The company is stepping forward in the industry to develop across the borders with a new service named Communitech Outposts. It will lend a hand to Canadian companies to hire international sales employees and elevate growth in global markets.

The new service is announced in Communitech’s annual meeting and the concept is the brainchild of Dave Caputo, a member of Communitech’s board of directors.

He has unparalleled experience of working on growing global tech companies. His prior work at Waterloo-based companies PixStream and Sandvine shed light on innovative ideas.

Communitech To Help Canadian Startups To Grow International Sales

Communitech Outpost will be a unique solution for Canadian companies to manage the global business. It will leave the businesses peaceful by giving scaling customers. As a result, they can concentrate on increasing revenue, says Communitech CEO Iain Klugman

The new service from the innovation hub will be helpful for Canadian growth firms in various ways. The service is equipped with all facets of employing people in international jurisdictions such as payroll, benefits, and statutory filings. It will also speed up establishing and registering legal entities in foreign countries.

ShinyDocs, a Kitchener based data management solution, will be the first customer of Communitech Outposts. Shinydocs CEO Jason W. D. Cassidy said that they did not wait for a second thought to accept the concept introduced by Outpost.

“This, for me, is about both cost-effectiveness as well as reducing the risk associated with the happiness and appropriate treatment of staff,” he adds. 

Shindydocs will start working with Outpost by accessing incentive grant and loan programs to make international expansion plans easy. 

The service will be available all over the United States and the United Kingdom. The firm aims at expanding the services to all G7 countries by the end of 2020.


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