Colin Gray’s Two Episodes In Podcasting Business

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The podcast is one of the leading mediums on which spend several hours a day to listen to various programs. Along with professional podcasts, there are many enthusiastic podcasters work day in and day out to mark their presence in the industry. Unfortunately, many beginners fail when it comes to technical aspects of the podcasting despite the creative ideas. The crisis was a valid reason for the Scottish podcaster Colin Gray to start his websites, ThePodcastHost. and Alitu. 

The Way To Podcasting

After graduated in Astrophysics, Colin realized that it is not his cup of tea. As a revelation, he chose web and media design and worked as a web developer for some years. Later, he started lecturing on how to use technology. Podcasting is one of the major areas, he decided to launch his own startup,, in 2011.

The Alitu

Even though it provided income for a single person to spend all the time on it, the competition in the field was very high. So, many platforms started giving lectures on podcasting. Ended up in boredom with the lectures, he planned to begin something out of the box, and Alitu launched in 2017. In Colin Gray’s words, Alitu“act as a personal producer for the average podcaster”. It meant to assist the podcasters to do all the technical work for the recording. 

The Hassle Of Editing And Production Of Podcast

According to Gray, there are two reasons average podcasters find difficulty in production and editing. Either they are not tech-savvy and cannot handle the tools easily and efficiently, or they don’t get sufficient time to do all the technical work along with the recording.

Since ThePodcastHost had thousands of daily visitors, he could understand the exact scenario of the podcasters. Alitu came into being to help them in various ways such as adding music, converting audio, leveling, clip transitions, exporting, and publishing that demand a lot of time and effort. 

Outsourcing Is Not A Good Idea

To build Alitu as a full-fledged podcast production platform, Gray thought to give the project to an agency. While comparing the price and efficiency, he recognized that it would restrict his freedom to a large extent to be innovative.

He dropped the plan to outsource and started building the platform with a developer. It worked well. Even though he decided to club both audio and video, later, he realized both require different mechanisms. As a result, he moved on with audio. 

Divide and Deliver: The Marketing Mantra

As his email list had 5000 users, he sent two teasers of Alito. After a few months, meaning at the end of 2017, only 50 people got attracted to the new platform. Again, he tried with ‘coming soon’ poster in 2018, but it also did not work as he expected. 

Later, he tried with a block of 50 podcasters, and he could see a better result. He followed the same pattern as different blocks of 50. Along with that, he moved with another strategy with beta users which assured no payment until the beta is over. He offered discounts as well. Now Alitu makes $10.5k per month.

A Great Podcaster With Full Of Inspirational Thoughts

As a lecturer of podcasting technology, he has inspired thousands of people. He is a great source of wisdom for those who would like to bring something new to the world. He says: “Go small and get something live into the world, as soon as you can.”


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