Coinbase Wallet to Remove DApp Browser to Apple's Pressure

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Decentralized application (DApp) seems challenging for major cryptocurrency makers. On the heels of Google’s removal of Ethereum based DApp MetaMask from Play Store, Coinbase is removing its DApp browser from App Store "in order to comply with App Store policy." However, users can still access DApps through Coinbase Wallet on their desktop devices using its WalletLink feature.

“This is really unfortunate to see. Apple seems to be eliminating the usage of Dapps from the App Store,” Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong announced the news on Reddit.

DApp is a new area in the cryptocurrency ecosystem many developers are working on. Besides, the new innovations on it are capable of raising the popularity of the field. Many developers are using Coinbase’s DApp browser feature, and millions of dollars are tied up with the app. App Store’s new restriction will bring great difficulty to such developers.

Coinbase Wallet to Remove DApp Browser to Apple's Pressure

Even though questions against the latest policy are rising from different corners, Apple is yet to explain the reasons. Coinbase also did not come up with detailed information other than the Reddit news from the CEO.

At the same time, Google Play has come up with the justification of Etherium DApp browser MetaMask. It says that the app went beyond the regulations against mobile mining. Following the explanation, MetaMask appealed for nullifying the ban, but Google rejected that as well. 

According to cryptocurrency expert and influencer Omar Bham, Apple and Google will bring more censorship on MetaMask, Coinbase, and other DApp browsers in the coming days. The core reason for the ongoing regulations is because of Web 3.0’s competition against Apple and Google. 

Google-owned YouTube had removed videos uploaded by crypto-currency related content creators for a few days. Even though YouTube spokesperson said that the removals were done in error, it is pointing toward more upcoming censorship. Many developers who have been continuously using DApss are quite disappointed by the new censorship since they have to get their computers whenever they want to use the DApps. 


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