Cognifyd – The AI Proofreading Editor

Cognifyd, which is a startup based out of California, and Palo Alto, has announced that it is ready to help the marketers and salespeople create in a much more effective written communication with its online proofreading editor. Cognifyd is sharing its marketing and sales tool with a wider audience.

Cognifyd is an online proofreading editor which uses Artificial Intelligence to give feedback on the effectiveness of the business writing. Cognifyd is a part of a new category of software which is called “augmented intelligence.” And their first product is a new type of software for the business is called “augmented communication” which will review and improve the written communication at work.

Cognifyd is based on the founder experience at a fortune 500 company where the company worked in the innovation group.

“I came up with the idea in 2013 while sitting at a large table proofreading marketing materials with a large group of people from Legal, Marketing, PR, Brand, and Innovation,” says Will Murphy, the founder, and CEO. “I realized companies spend a lot of time and money to get the message right. Communication and brand are important. We weren't proofreading spelling and grammar, and we were proofreading for things based on our expertise in legal, brand, and marketing. I realized this expertise didn't exist in a software proofreader yet. But if it did, it could be used in customer-facing communication, improving customer experience, and lowering communication risk.”

After a multi-year stint leading product at a successful artificial intelligence startup in Boston, and co-founding one of the first blockchains for artificial intelligence, Will circled back to the idea he was fascinated by years before. “The technology started catching up to my vision of augmented intelligence.” Will says, “We finally built it and launched it. We knew this software needed to exist.”

About Cognifyd

Cognifyd launched in the month of August 2018 in California and Palo Alto. Cognifyd was co-founded by the Rick Yost and Will Murphy. Will is a repeat innovator, entrepreneur, and pioneer in the areas of the Internet of Things and artificially intelligent agents. And, Rick is a repeat entrepreneur, executive, and technologist with extensive leadership experience.