CloudReach to Join Hands With Relus Cloud

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One of the largest public service cloud providers Cloudreach and Relus Technologies LLC, which does business as Relus Cloud, are looking to collaborate to become more relevant and offer new capabilities to their reliable clients. Cloudreach today announced its intention to acquire Relus Cloud in order to scale up its business and add the Relus’ machine learning capabilities. The terms and conditions about the deal have not been disclosed as of now.

The startup which is founded in the year 2009 in London, Cloudreach describes itself as a cloud-native software-enabled services provider. It is basically a consultancy service that specializes in provisioning and managing public cloud infrastructure and migrating, building and optimizing cloud-native software applications. The company probably isn’t as well-known as its customers, which include BP plc., Hearst Corp. and Volkswagen Financial Services.

Relus Cloud is another consultancy services firm that’s focused solely on the adoption, migration, and enablement of Amazon Web Services Inc.’s public cloud. The company also fills a niche by specializing in helping its customers to adopt AWS’ machine learning services.

cloudreach and relus cloud

 “This will significantly bolster our delivery, consulting and managed services capabilities as well as extend our ability to deliver at scale to enterprise customers, whilst maintaining our cloud native differentiation,” Painter said. “This combination of expertise and service delivery at scale is something both companies’ customer bases have been seeking for years.”

The company is also eager to get its hands on Relus Cloud’s machine learning expertise in order to help its clients better harness with the help of artificial intelligence and predictive modeling.

“Relus Cloud has a large team fully dedicated to data and analytics, and they were one of the first partners globally to achieve the AWS Machine Learning competency,” Painter said. “Their secret sauce is a three-step adoption framework. This framework helps customers avoid common obstacles, whilst accelerating adoption and maturity of machine learning.”

According to a report, the collaboration is going to be expected by the end of this year, Painter said. The newly combined companies would have more than 700 employees in eight countries across Europe and North America, with more than two dozen offices.


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