Cloudflare Buys S2 Systems Corporation To Introduce Cloudflare For Teams

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Cloud Security solutions startup Cloudflare has declared the acquisition of Browser Isolation startup S2 systems founded by former Microsoft execs. Both the companies have not disclosed the total amount of the acquisition.

Co-founder and CEO at Cloudflare, Matthew Prince says that this acquisition is a part of a new line of products Cloudflare for Teams that, that is created to curb a company's security threats from Internet.  S2 systems aims to make web browser safer and faster. 

Prince further adds that the firm had been thinking about how this new advanced technology is introduced into the Cloudflare group of products. Later, he tested the technologies which were invented by S2 team and Prince was impressed with the implementation and speed of the technologies.

Cloudflare Buys S2 Systems Corporation To Introduce Cloudflare For Teams

Cloudflare believes that team members of S2 is perfect for them, so Cloud fare chose S2. Cloudflare also got offers from other firms but in the last S2 chose Cloudflare. Prince realized that this technology is helping to keep the browser safer for Internet users across the world.

Founded in 2018 by Senior Microsoft employees, S2 systems is one of the leading developers of enterprise security solutions. It is delivering a high technical solution to the firms, therefore, many companies are safeguarded with its help.  

The startup includes some technologies like video surveillance, event monitoring, digital signage, and cloud-based services. The combination of video and physical access is a strong point for S2. It serves 500 companies, healthcare, education, government customers, and manufacturing across the world and it also serves other sectors like oil, pharmaceuticals, and gas.

Cloudflare for Teams offers two key features like Access and Gateway. Cloudflare Access is a Zero Trust Security and designed to make sure that most of the employees are using the latest updated software on their devices. The other one is called Gateway, which is used to safeguard organizations and users from various threats on the internet. 

The acquisition of S2 was closed on December 31st and S2’s 10 employees have joined Cloudflare to set up an office in  Kirkland.


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