Analytics Platform ClearBrain Launches New Causal Analytics Tool

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The analytics-based start-up ClearBrain has come with an innovative tool, ‘causal analytics’ using which the startup claims that they can accurately establish causal relationships.

The company stated that the new tool had been built in relation to customer demand. Using the tool, ClearBrain aims to automate the process of statistical studies and build the first large scale causal inference engine to allow growth teams to measure the causal effect of every action. 

The launch of this tool comes at the back of a fundraising event from Harrison Metal and Menlo Ventures that closed at $2 million. This increases the company’s total funding amount to $3.2 million.

The startup revealed the details of the funding event last week. Founded in 2016 by Bilal Mahmood and Eric Pollmann, the AI-powered startup provides self-serve predictive analytic for growth marketers.

Mahmood is a former product manager at Optimizely, and Pollmann is a former engineer on Google’s ad team. 

CEO Mahmood stated that it would take a person year to measure the actual impact of every variable on his website and his app and the impact it would have on conversion.

The causal analytics tool would automate this process, and it would establish a direct relationship between the cause and effect. 

In Mahmood’s own words, “Every analytics platform today is still based on a fundamental correlation model. People didn’t just want to know who was going to convert, they wanted to know why, and what caused them to do.”

The causal analytics tool is limited to early access users as of now and is planned for a full launch in October. The analytics tool will come under different pricing plans; however, the price has been structured in a way that the startups can reap its benefits for free.

ClearBrain graduated from Y Combinator and is backed by renowned capital firms including, YC, Pear VC, Industry Ventures and Dan Hua Capital, along with Optimizely founders Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen.


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