How VIPKid Changed The Algorithm of English Learning

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In a world of multiculturalism and global communication, its pivotal to get an education which enhances the skills of a student to engage with the new world order at a better level.

The education sector is limping in many countries, and there is no proper system to enhance language skills along with the advancement of technology.

Let’s take China for an instance, the country with the highest population in the world. Learning English wasn’t much promoted in China in the old times, but now, China is zeroed in on English, knowing the significance of education. And VIPKid, an English Learning platform, emerged to shorten the time to the brightest future.

Founded by a highschool dropout, Cindy Mi in 2013, VIPKid is valued at over $3 billion. How she made such incredible success with ten years of schooling that China has never witnessed?

Mi’s Dropout Story

Mi always struggled to learn subjects in school, especially math. Even though her teachers helped her out to learn things, she could not follow anymore. Moreover, she loved to read fiction and used to read hiding the fiction inside her textbook during the class. And once her teacher found it out, and asked to get out. She didn’t focus much on schooling further. 

VIPKid Ceo Cindy Mi

The First Step Into English Education

VIPKid is not the first brainchild of Mi. After the dropout from school, she started ABCEnglish, a brick-and-mortar English education company at the age of 17, with her uncle. That was the beginning phase of English education in China as well. She beavered away to make the company a huge success and made $30 million through annual sales. She then determined to fly even further. 

Dream Of Creating A Generation Of Global Citizens

She dreamed of a company that makes global citizens irrespective of their geographical location. With VIPKid, she was making an unprecedented approach in English learning. She considered learning a language as the most vital step in making talented global citizens, and language learning is not a mere language but learning the cultures as well.

She joined Kevyn Klein, VIPKid’s US-based head of community and growth, to materialize her dream. Klein was also looking for a vision such as Mi’s after a decade of futile works in the educational field. 

The Innovative Way of Learning English

Mi brought a very innovative model to learn English that is very engaging and productive. VIPKid Connects the young Chinese students with expert English speaking teachers.

The 25-minutes one-to-one class covers simple as well as complex subjects to learn English efficiently. Now, the number of students and teachers, as well as the impact, is huge. It paved a profitable earning way for teachers as well.

The Incredible Growth

The company witnesses a whopping success in the matter of a few years. Now, 65,000 teachers are teaching more than 500,000 students through this split-screen video conferencing platform. It has acquired a total of $825 million in seven fundraising rounds.

It's last funding of $500 million is the biggest fundraising in the online education sector. The skyrocketing growth in 4 years makes VIPKids one of the fastest-growing startups in China.  Above all, in recent years, many platforms are traveling on the way VIPKid has paved. 


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