Israeli Startup Protego Is Gain By Cyber Whooper Check Point

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Protego Labs is now the part of leading Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point. Every company has to come up with new security plans to protect against the 5th and 6th generation of cyber attacks, hacking, and many more. 

Recognizing the insufficiency of existing security plans, Protego Labs is the first company to develop a comprehensive security solution, which provides serverless security, detects attacks, dynamic protection, and minimal the attacks on a serverless platform.

According to the CheckPoint software founder, CEO Gil Shwed, by the increasing number of cybercrimes, the company must look after their cyber securities by investing in eliminating the risk. Tel Aviv University (Public research university) addresses that  80% of investments are attentive to detect threats and 20% in prevention.

Israeli Startup Protego Is Gain By Cyber Whooper Check Point

Check Point is trying to avoid advanced cyber-attacks and expand its CloudGuard platform with Protigo’s technology. It has blocked over 100 million unknown threats in 2018 and protects organizations around the world including government and corporate enterprises. It manages 86 billion queries a day; an amount far more than daily research on google.

The quick rise in serverless technologies embraced the Amazon Web Services Lambda platform  “challenging existing cloud and application security paradigms”. Check point says that transferring the burden to cloud transformation will bear permanent vulnerabilities and need more attention to security solutions.

EA (Electronic Arts)  allows the users to purchase and play games on mobile and computers, such as Fifa, The Sims, and Medal of Honour and more. A researcher disclosed there are possibilities of threats in EA, making sure that they will update the authorities before the attackers exploited them. The team found that there is no risk in login details where they are worried about the subdomain and EA’s authentication tokens.


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