Chartify – Create Beautiful And Fun Charts For Your Pitch Desks

Chartify, which makes data analytics inclusive and collaborative which allow the diverse teams to work together on the data and simply share their expertise, no matter whatever is the location or background. The intelligent company services handle the technical details which the data scientist and data engineers often have to worry so that user can focus the attention on what matters the most via the powerful yet easy to use interface.

Some of the advanced features of the includes:

Drag, drop, select will let the user turn raw data into charts, instantly on the web browser. All a user need to do it to drag and drop a file onto the page and select the fields to use. The company handles the data wrangling so that users can run transformations and see the results just within seconds.

Make charts instantly

Just select up to around four options for each of the field and the tools will create the SQL query and show the user a chart instantly.

Clean data visually

Data can be cleaned within charts. Simply selects the data points rather than choose to remove or update them. Missing values are displayed alongside the charts to maintain context.

Run statistics and machine learning

The user can apply machine learning and statistical algorithms by first selecting charts and then choosing one of the four action aspects: compose, decompose, transform and model. No coding is required.

Pay only for what you use is just like a pre-pay which is just like the mobile phone but for data analytics. Apart from talk time minutes, a user will get compute time tokens. Compute-time tokens let your costs grow and shrink to meet your needs, so you only pay for what you use.