Carbon Extends Financial Services To Nigerian Businesses

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Nigeria’s digital financial services company Carbon has unveiled its new platform named Carbon Business. The new platform provides digital financial services to empower startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and FinTechs. It helps to access easy uncollateralized credit, secure online payments, reliable funds transfer, and fast KYC compliance obligations.

Launched 2016, Carbon provides an all-in-one personal finance platform that covers bills, instant loans, smart investments, and credit reports. It is one of the earliest FinTech companies in Nigeria. With the launch of Carbon Business, it is going to play a significant role in the upliftment of the Nigerian startup world. The firm has already trusted by several companies, and the arrival of the new avatar will strengthen its name in African business.

Carbon Extends Financial Services To Nigerian Businesses

Carbon Business offers a multitude of financial services to startup businesses in Nigeria. By the launch, it provides four very vital services, and more are in the line to come. It makes online payment reliable and secure by accepting payments from Visa, Verve, and Mastercard in over 40 currencies.

Securing a business loan is not at all easy, and Carbon Business fills the void in Nigeria, by arranging a platform for businesses. A business will get up to ?20 million uncollateralized flexible repayment loans. The fund transfer and overdrafts platform of Carbon is named Optimus. With Optimus, a bank transfer is easy at a cheaper rate. It also helps to automate your payout, and funds transfer workflow.

The CarbonIVS identity verification system in Nigeria is an entirely reliable technology. It helps businesses keep KYC compliance, fight fraud, and onboard customers quickly. 

Currently, Carbon has over 1 million users. The firm has disbursed over $35.6 million in loans and achieved revenues of $10.4 million in 2018 alone. The latest entry to the business world will enhance the customer base and potential. Above all, this a great sign of skyrocketing the Nigeran tech-based business sector.


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