Now Manage Your Stocks And Assets Via Capshare

Capshare An Introduction

Capshare is a comprehensive cap table management solution which is designed to help the investors, and lawyers graduate from the manual and spreadsheets work to a more efficient, streamlined and time-saving way of analyzing and managing equity, stocks, the percentage of dilution and ownership.

It even provides users with a centralized place where they can manage and monitor all their equity. With Capshare, users can provide investors with the data they need regarding their stocks or give employees certain permissions to see how many vested shares they have. Access is easily regulated so every shareholder can view the information they need so they can decide and act smartly.

Let us look at some of the features of Capshare:

Easy Shareholder Management

Capshare makes shareholder management more seamless, streamlined and personalized. From a single location, you can manage your shareholders, regulatory documents, cap tables, lawyers, certificates, and tax without any confusion you get with spreadsheet-based solutions and modeling. The software eliminates manually processed and accelerates communication and interaction between your company and your stakeholders.

Scale Effortlessly

With Capshare, your cap table management processes which even becomes more extreme and efficient accurate. Errors are greatly reduced your calculations, if not entirely eliminated, which gives you confidence when it comes to making crucial equity elated decisions.

Capshare is built to scale and adapt to your needs painlessly and quickly. Whatever specific business requirement you have, Capshare can be tailored to address your need, no matter how simple or complicated they are.

Knowledgeable Customer Support

Capshare fields a team of software experts who are also knowledgeable in cap table management issues. Whenever you need professional assistance to help you solve a software concern or you require someone to help you navigate a complicated securities issue, Capshare customer support representatives can help you to address your concerns quickly so that you can get back to your priorities without wasting precious time.


To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features. Capshare is a cloud-based cap table and equity management platform. They provide equity services and tools to investors, startups, and their advisors.