Scientists Believe Cannabis Could Help Fight COVID-19

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Canada-based the University of Lethbridge scientists have studied and gathered the primary data that directly shows a strong strain of medical marijuana that it is able to modify Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) pathways. ACE2 is a major interoceptor that the coronavirus takes over and soon infects humans with COVID-19.

According to the Canadian scientist study, the team firmly believes that strong strains of cannabis could help in the prevention and treatment of the infection of coronavirus.

The University of Lethbridge researchers team has gone through more than 400 CBD-dominant strains and THC and pinpointed 13 strong strains of cannabis which interlink with the same receptors found in coronavirus. Those 13 strong strains of cannabis have high sativas that helps in lowering the regulation of the ACE2, protein receptor, which is a key target of the coronavirus in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, mouth, and other body parts of the human. They mentioned that those cannabis strains could eventually lower the virus receptor activity by almost 73%.

Scientists Believe Cannabis Could Help Fight COVID-19

In an interview, the University of Lethbridge’s scientist Olga Kovalchuk said, at the time when we found out the interconnection, we were so surprised and thrilled. The coronavirus has the capacity to stick together to cannabis strains and draw it into the cell, almost like a passage. 

The researcher’s team has published their findings in the online journal, Preprints, suggesting that a strong dosage of cannabis can decrease the inflammation in a way that also reduces the spread of the coronavirus in the body.

The researcher’s findings concluded that the extracts of the novel and most successful high CBD C. Sativa lines, which is indeed pending for further investigation. However, it might become a safe and useful addition to the COVID-19 treatment as a complementary therapy. The CBD sativas could also be utilized to develop an easy-to-use preventative treatment in the form of throat gargle and mouthwash at home and clinical use.

Another researcher at the University of Lethbridge, Igor Kovalchuk, said, for instance, imaging that the cell is the large building and the CBD reduces almost 70% of the door in the building, which means the entry-level will be restricted to a large number. Thus, it increases the chances of fighting with the infection.

The researchers have also intentionally mentioned that the strain of CBD they studied is the special one, not the same one you can find from any local marijuana dispensary. The strain that scientists studied has a high level of CBD and low THC levels, so users will not get high as they experience with marijuana.


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