Startup In Review: CanisHub | App To Grow Conversion in E-Commerce

Gone are the days of traditional marketing that comprised television, newspapers, and radio. In this day and age, the most powerful form of marketing is digital marketing, and it is easily one of its most important pillars for the latest ecommerce trends. This is where CanisHub comes into the picture:

What is CanisHub?

CanisHub is a suite of applications which analyzes thousands of data points in the real-time scenario, to help your customers discover the most relevant content/product.

The following are some of the most prominent features of CanisHub that make it a highly useful tool for every ecommerce business:

Dynamic Audience Library

It is a proprietary way to handle the customer segmentation that effortlessly churns your customer's data in the real-time scenario to target your customers more effectively.

CanisHub segmentation tool works with the 27/7 to score each customer and decide the score and budget they fall into so that you get the most out of your campaigns.

This segmentation has also helped the marketers to achieve the 2x results just within the first month of implementation.

ML Powered Intelligence

CanisHub’s Machine Learning supported and powered personalization platform runs on the proprietary algorithms that analyze every part of interaction from all customers across the touch points.

With using this data with the statistical and predictive models, CanisHub builds a unique understanding of your customers, needs and likelihood purchase thus improving the customer engagement life-cycle in the real-time scenario.

Adaptable Web/App

Simply make your website or an app landing page adaptable based on the customer behavior and likelihood of browsing or buying products. The engine will constantly personalize the web/app shopping experience with each of the click. New or the returning visitors, the app or website can easily adapt to their browsing behavior in the real time.

Recommended Products

Email marketing is used by 80% of the ecommerce companies across the globe, and yet only 28% of them send emails that are relevant to them. CanisHub can send the most relevant products, messages, and discounts to each of the customer based on their likelihood of purchase.


If you are worried whether you will be able to afford CanisHub, then you are in for a treat. This is because CanisHub are offering 3 different pricing models and you can pick the one that fits your budget and requirements. These are:

  • Basic Plan(Free): 10000 visitors
  • Established Plan ($249): 50000 visitors
  • Premium Plan (499): 150000 visitors


Overall, CanisHub certainly offers enough features to be included in your marketing toolkit. It’s highly recommended for those have very low conversion rate on their ecommerce platforms.

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