Can Birds Eat Hemp Seeds?

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Hemp Seeds are known for high nutrition values and can be effective in treating many health issues. Now researchers have discovered something extraordinary that Hemp seeds have the capability of managing birds.

Yes, Birds can now consume hemp seeds that can add up to make them enjoy and be active all day. We will be discussing more on how hemp seeds are going to help birds, but before that, let us spend some time in understanding what hemp seeds, its benefits for birds are.

What exactly the hemp seeds are? They are the natural seeds of a hemp plant that comes from the Sativa plant.  They are a little different than compared to marijuana. But they are the one which doesn't make you high. Hemp seeds can not only be effective and efficient to human beings but have been proved to be working for birds as well. 

Before giving it to the birds, hemp seeds should be soaked in the saltwater, then rinsed. The shells add fiber to the consumption, and crushing the seeds helps with easy absorption of other nutrients. That's it! Sprinkle the seeds with other seeds or nuts to help them enjoy the taste and at the same time to get the high-nutrition that can work best for their body and health.

Hemp seeds are healthy and prosperous in offering high-nutrition with fats, proteins. In short, they can be called the substation of nutritional value. Now when you add hemp seeds to your bird's routine, it becomes easier to get rid of injuries and boost the mood. Also, hemp seeds contain vitamins that can be more effective than normal seeds, or food which you regularly give it to pets.

They not only come with the highly active vitamins but also act as a healthy supplement (birds like them eating for the taste). Also, it is great for breeding birds, hens, chickens, finches, canaries, doves, pigeon, and parrots, etc. 

Several miniature pet birds are not capable of separating shells from the large hemp seeds. So, it is advisable to remove the peel or crush the seeds before you serve it to them.

You may probably want to know how much hemp seeds should be given to the birds? Well, that totally depends upon the weight and age of your pet. If you think they are thin and need to gain weight one ounce to two will be well-suited and recommendable. And if you are giving them to be fit and keep active 1/2 ounce will keep them at best. 

To recapitulate, hemp seed is an oil-rich seed served with or without mixing it with other seeds to pets or birds. The best part is being rich in omega acid; it has very healthy weight progressing qualities and is an extravagant supplement in the breeding season.

They come with high levels of antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. So, if you think that your bird needs to get the best, you can always look for hemp seeds for your pets. They can work efficiently and mostly; your bird will be able to see the changes in no time.


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