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Endless hours of spending with the screens and busy life retarded quality of life. Further, we don’t have time to rush to well-equipped gyms for the workout routine. 

Bringing home workout equipment is the time-saving choice. With no other doubt, BWSS is the premier place for all the workout equipment and accessories.

The coronavirus pandemic has stricken the world and confined the people to homes. The founders of BWSS realized that it might not be possible to return to the gym for a long time and started this site to make the people stay connected with the fitness routine.



With the BWSS fitness equipment, you can avail of the benefits of insane fitness at home. It helps the people to get into the proper healthy shape at home.

BWSS Products:

BWSS offers the affordable home workout equipment and all other accessories which builds a set go environment for the fitness routine at home:

Compact Dumbbells: 

Dumbbells facilitate unilateral movements and help develop muscle symmetry and strength. They are a good choice to gain lean muscle mass. They help you to maintain muscle tone without rushing to the gym.

You can shop at BWSS, adjustable barbell set, BWSS barbells, adjustable kettlebell, fitness dumbbell, dumbbell rack, etc.

Workout Bench:

A strong bench offers the string workout. It can be a great predictor of upper body strength. Bench press adds endurance to the muscles while making them ready for the pushups.

BWSS offers adjustable workbenches that help to reap better results at home without taking up extra space. These benches are featured with moisture-wicking and dissipating pads so that you will never feel irritated. Bench sets can be folded and stored anywhere, and they have a load capacity of 510lb.

Battle ropes:

Battle ropes are one of the straightforward workout tools that everyone can use. It is a great way to train the upper back, arms, abs, back, and glutes. You can also work on legs by incorporating jumps, lunges, and squats.

BSWW offers the 38mm diameter ropes of lengths ranging from 9m to 12m. These ropes will help the trainers and athletes build up core strength, muscle power, and endurance.

Jump Rope:

Jump rope helps in burning upto 200 to 300 calories in 15 minutes. It develops better coordination across your body and lowers the risk of injury while improving heart health.

You can shop the high-quality adjustable jump ropes with premier ball bearings which offer unobtrusive rotations. Handles of jump rope are covered with soft cushioned foam to provide the utmost comfort. You can also purchase digital skips featuring unique technology to calculate the calorie burned with each skip. 

Push up Stands and Core Wheelers:

Push up stand will extend the movements and help you effectively perform push ups to burn more calories.

BWSS offers push up stands made with eco-friendly soft material. It also provides the core wheelers that are a necessary foundation for a fit body.

Beyond Workout equipment:

Apart from fitness & workout gear, BWSS is offering a brand new collection of masks and clothing.

You can sort the clothing collection by trend, price, and brand name. There is a good collection of Joggers, Fleece Hoodie, T-shirts, Trucker cap, and packable jackets.

Cotton blend joggers will help you make your workouts more comfortable as they are softer from both inside and outside. They are much flexible to wear for jogging or lounging. Brushed fleece fabric inside makes you feel light.

BWSS masks are versatile that can be used for multiple purposes, including face covering, headband, wristband, and neck warmer. The fabric is breathable, which can be washable and reusable.

FITBOD Membership:

Fitbod is one of the fitness apps that creates a deeply personalized workout routine by analyzing the tracked workout data. BWSS has partnered with FITBOD to help you dig the best of the BWSS fitness equipment. 

Fitbod is a subscription-based app with a yearly pack of $59.99, which will be renewed automatically after the renewal period.


  • It has a 4.8-star rating on App store
  • Apple editor’s best choice for 2019& 2020
  • A. I algorithm studies deliver the personalized workouts
  • Built with over 650 workout videos
  • If you have any promo code, go to and enter code mailed to you after purchase. 

Equipment Affordability:

BWSS offers affordable and versatile equipment that can be used in different ways. The best affordable workout equipment of all the BWSS products is battle rope. 

The compact workout piece helps to build the core strength, explosiveness, and power within your body. This single tool can offer a full-body workout without consuming any extra space.

Website Experience:

The website brings you the fastest experience with easy switching across various components. The website theme motivates you to get workout gear right now and turn into fitness enthusiasts. It gathers all the information that you need to kick off your workout routine. Easy to crawl across the description of the equipment before you buy

Bottom Line:

The trend of purchasing the home gym equipment and setting up the home workout solution is an ideal choice these days. With the home gym set up, you can spend more time on your fitness routine. It is the premier choice to save money while maintaining hygiene standards in the home environment. 


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