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AI startup Niland acquired by Spotify to improve its music personalization and recommendation

Spotify, a commercial music streaming service announced the acquisition of a music artificial intelligence French start-up called Niland. The motive behind the acquisition is to improve its music recommendation backend. This move indicates that Spotify wants to incorporate more artificial intelligence into its system as it is heating up its battle with the alternatives like Apple Music to provide the most accurate and refined recommendations to the users. Spotify also stated that how this music artificial intelligence startup has changed the game for artificial intelligence technology to optimize the music search and recommendation capabilities.
Spotify added that this French company Niland would join its R&D team which is based in New York to sharpen up its personalization and recommendation features for the users. The innovative approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning based recommendation systems of Niland is a perfect fit for the Spotify team.
Spotify has been busy in enhancing its tech jaws and also building up new features through acquisition this year. It has also acquired some other companies including content recommendation startup Mighty TV and audio detection startup Sonalytic that can make content recommendations using the machine learning. Last month the company acquired a small blockchain start up Mediachain to improve its royalty payment to creators.
The London-based company Spotify is now looking to do a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange. As far as, we now have to see how this Niland acquisition will help Spotify to compete with Apple Music.