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Instagram copies another Snapchat feature, Selfie filters

instagram-clones-snapchat-featuresMark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder posted a selfie video on Instagram where he sported one of their new camera features with new face selfie filters that look similar to the ones offered by their social media rival Snapchat. It adds to another Instagram story of copying in a more subtle way from their competitors. These ‘face filters’, as Instagram calls them are just like the Snapchat’s augmented reality selfie filters and give eight different face filtration options. It lets you add a virtual koala ears, a butterfly crown, wrinkle smooth makeup, a nerd glasses, etc. Additionally, the users will be able to twitch or move with animal ears as well as add math equations that spin to create a humorous effect in their photos and videos. To be unique or different, the Instagram app has added an eraser brush which erases certain sections of anything you have drawn and thus suggests playing with your image creatively.

It is not the first time that Instagram copied Snapchat features, they copied geostickers in the past but these face filters are the major cloning that they did. Before this, Instagram copied Snapchat’s slideshow sharing format, disappearing direct message, overlaid creative tool and more. Even after copying from its rival, Instagram had outnumbered Snapchat’s 166 million total users and slowed down the growth rate which led Snapchat to lose 25% of their share price value. The low user value at Snapchat is also because of people wants to connect with one another on social media and gets that connectivity more easily through Instagram. The users are leaving Snapchat as its little difficult on Snapchat to find people and grow their audience. Snapchat search function is quite harder to find and follow someone than that on Instagram.

Instagram had earned more than 200 million users and still growing in number every day as it suggests users based on followers and likes. That is a big reason why the cloned selfie feature that was originally by Snapchat is attracting more users on Instagram and thus reducing Snapchat’s popularity. Also, Snapchat doesn’t allow tagging people or sharing another website link on their videos or photo which is another reason why Snapchat is showing a significant decline in their number of users. This new adde3d feature at Instagram has become a huge problem for Snapchat which is further reducing its popularity.

As revealed by Instagram CEO, Mark Zuckerberg there are more interesting things coming up on Instagram so we all have to wait and watch of they can bring something more unique and innovating as they will run out of copying features from other social media apps.