Apple WWDC 2017, Siri based AI speaker to be announced

After Google , Facebook and Microsoft, it’s now time for Apple to take center stage and announce what it has to offer this year. The WWDC 2017 will be held in San Jose, California between June 5th and June 9th hosted by Apple. The conference will have Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and other Apple executives take the show to reveal company’s latest work. It’s anticipated that the keynote of this conference will be Apple’s smart home speaker device speculated to be based on ‘Siri’ that rivals the Amazon Echo , Google Assistant , Amazon Alexa and recently announced Essential home by Andy Rubin.

According to Bloomberg’s sources,”Appleā€™s smart home speaker has already entered the overseas manufacturing stages.” It also speculated that in this conference Apple would announce details about the next versions of iOS, watchOS, MacOS and tvOS. Mainly the focus will be on apple’s developer program, Game Center, Its TV operation system along with some secretive sessions that may relate to the main stage announcement which is yet to be revealed.

The home speaker device based on Siri assistant will be revealed in this event but will not be available until later this year. It will support functions such as setting time and reminders, controlling smart home devices, checking schedules and weather conditions, and also streaming iTunes music songs. Another outstanding feature can be its mapping functions which will inform the users about the traffic jams thus helping them to avoid leaving home at that time. It will be packed with Apple’s Home-kit Platform with virtual surround sound technology and advance acoustics compared to that of Amazon Echo and Google Home. Last year at WWDC 2016 Apple announced Siri to be hooked with third party apps which was another useful feature of their voice assistant.

According to some sources, it’s revealed that many Apple employees have been testing this smart home device secretly in their homes and planned to launch it this year. The Apple smart home speaker will not have a screen as compared to Amazon Echo that has touchscreen called Echo show. Now we have to wait until June 5 to see what this new home smart system has to offer. The headline event of WWDC will take place on day one at the San Jose’s McEnergy Convection Center at 18:00 hours UK time.