Amazon’s Echo Look companion goes live

The companion app for Amazon Echo Look is now getting live with its launch for iOS and Android inclination that works with a new connected camera. The app is pretty cool and allows the Echo Look owners to view live previews from the Look’s camera, take out selfies, and consult their outfits, symbol favorites, review styles and much more.

The app “Amazon Echo Look” first came out around a month ago, alongside the device. The companion app works alongside Echo Look- Amazon’s funky $200 camera that takes photos in full-length and brief videos of the users around a depth-sensing camera and also does everything else that a regular Alexa powered device would do.

This new app also supports for the Style Check which is a new service from Amazon. The service uses a combination of machine learning and advice from human fashion specialists helping you to figure out what to wear. This feature was actually launched by the Association ahead of the Echo Look through an “Outfit Compare” option in its main mobile app.

Amazon can extract a host of benefits from the app. By encouraging users to save their photos in the app instead of discarding them, Amazon can then use the snaps to figure out what kind of clothes people actually like wearing. It can also offer the people advising upon to choose the things that go with their clothes and even offer them some special deals with this Echo Look companion app.

The association is also aiming to launch the new apps with features like the ability to take measurements and figure out the size of the users, make recommendations about how to accessorize the outfits through purchase from the Amazon’s site.

‘For now, the first step is getting the camera and app into the hands of the consumers; it is pushing the users to snap the photo and save results.
You can download the Echo Look Companion app for iOS and Android via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.