Amazon unveils Spark, an “Instagram-like” social network for it’s shoppers

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Amazon has come out with Spark, an “Instagram-like” social network for it’s shoppers. It’s primary aim is to improve product discovery, which is somewhat inspired by Instagram and it’s use of photos that can be shopped. The feature encourages Amazon customers to post images, stories and ideas about the products they like. Other users can react to the photos with a comment and “smiles”, Amazon’s version of the Like or Favorite button found on Facebook and Instagram

In an introduction to the service, Amazon said that, the feature will help customers to easily discover and shop pictures, stories and ideas from a community that likes what they like. Be it new curtains and blankets for your home, or advice/recommendations on the various other products, Spark is here to make your shopping fun and interesting.

This move from Amazon is coming at a time when there is a fierce competition between retailers for good quality content and consumer’s cash.

Amazon Spark also encourages it’s users to tag whatever products that are featured in their posts if they are available on Amazon, which will allow other users to easily purchase the product by tapping on the image.

Is Spark available all over the world?

You have to be an Amazon Prime member to access all the features of Spark. Non-Prime members can browse through Spark but cannot post or comment. This feature is now available in the US and on the iOS app store. Since the app was in beta and just launched a day ago, it might take some time to become available all over the world, and for Android users.

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