WittyFeed Becomes the World’s Second Largest Content Company


(image source: Your Story)

The Internet Media Company WittyFeed happens to be the world’s second largest viral content based in Indore. Its motto is making every positive story of the world to be heard as much as it deserves because they believe – Every story matters!

The three computer engineers, Vinay Singhal, his younger brother Parveen and his classmate Shashank Vaishnav from Chennai’s SRM college not being sure about their future had moved to Indore a year ago. Failure was accompanying them initially in the form of two unsuccessful companies, out of which one was a website named Evrystry.com. It had curated content from across the internet. The second venture was a student-teacher communication platform called FollowMe247.

Misfiring of both the ventures occurred but the co-founders decided to stick together and make things work fine. 27 years old Vinay, who was in his first year of college when he along with his five classmates and his school computer teacher, started a company called Vatsana Technologies which later helped them to create their websites.

Vinay says, “We decided to shelve both the ventures [Evrystry and FollowMe 247], and instead develop a product in the content space that was stronger and better than Evrystry.com, which was giving us money to survive, as compared to FollowMe247 that was difficult to monetize.”

This media company is available in Spain, the US, and the UK, while in India it is one of the fastest growing content platforms.

“We broke even within the first six months and have been profitable since then,” says Vinay. He credits his father for teaching him the basics of business. He further adds, “WittyFeed is a content platform for the world, but a technology play for us.”

Today, Wittyfeed has more than 1 Billion reaches on Facebook, and more than 30,000 pages are federated with it.