Verizon Acquires Portland Based Drone Software Startup, Skyward


Verizon acquired a Portland based drone software startup, Skyward, a company that aims to set the rules of the road for aerial drones. Verizon said that the deal would go well with a new service that the company announced last year to provide certification for wireless service for drones.

Verizon plans to understand the drone software mechanism better through Skyward’s latest drone tech, and help drone operators with flight plans and basic regulatory compliance.

“Our intention is to stay in Portland,” Mariah Scott, Skyward’s co-president, said in a written statement. “Portland is a fantastic city to do business in, and the drone industry is pushing forward computer science and aviation, two industries with rich histories in Oregon.”

Skyward was started back in 2012 by former U.S. Army pilot Jonathan Evans, since then Skyward raised $5.6 million and currently employs 28 people. Most of that raised money, $4.1 million was invested by Verizon two years ago.

we will continue to focus on making our products easier, faster, and more efficient. Our mission will stay the same: to power safe, efficient commercial drone operations so you can maximize the value that drones bring to your business,” Mariah Scott, Skyward’s co-president, said in a written statement.