Super Mario Odyssey Releasing in October With More Adventure & Fun

Nintendo has just announced that its most popular Super Mario game will be out for sale on October 27 with a more outrageous look and gaming experience. The new Mario called Super Mario Odyssey would be a 3D version along with the lines of “Super Mario 64” and “Super Mario Galaxy.”

Mario will come with some added adventure like it will be in control of a top hat shaped airship which will help transport him from one world to another. Another added new change would be the new world called the ‘New Donk city.' The release day was announced yesterday by Nintendo at the annual E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles. Their plan is to promote Super Mario Odyssey alongside its new switch console in time during Christmas shopping season and Thanksgiving.

The new Mario adventure looked wild and inventive and was showed off by Nintendo wit its latest trailer in the Video gaming trade show. The most different component of this game will be Mario's cap which can be tossed onto characters, enemies, objects and used as vehicles. Also, the center of attraction will be its new Donk city which is based on New York-style urban city escape with yellow taxis, tall buildings green parks and even human figure who bizarrely stand next to our very own Mario. Now there is a lot for gamers to be excited about but still, have to wait some more months to get their hands on this new gaming series. Till than you can watch out the new Super Mario Odyssey 2017 trailer: