Disney Movies Anywhere connects with Fox, Sony, Universal & Warner Bros


(image source: Engadget)

The app which allows us to watch our favourite Disney movie collection across our preferable devices anywhere we go, is making connection with four major studios, Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal and Warner Bros. Consequently, the Keychest-powered system that Disney has been using since 2014 will now unlock movies from the said studios which amount to over 7300 titles along with previews and film extras from the studios behind such hits as Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, Spider-Man: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes and The Fate of the Furious.

The old apps will be renamed as Movies Anywhere. This app is played across a number of devices like Apple TV, Android, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. A number of platforms supporting is a critical issue. “Buy once, watch anywhere” works only when the device used by the customer helps the service in question. Though Movies Anywhere is restricted in the US, it does allow for access internationally if you are traveling. A press release announcing the launch said a goal is a simple, seamless digital entertainment experience across platforms.

Karin Gilford, GM of the service said, “Movies Anywhere is a massive step forward for the consumer digital media experience, bringing the incredible film libraries of five studios together in a virtual one-stop movie-watching shop.”

He further added, “Consumers never have to remember where they purchased a film or which device they can watch it on because all of their eligible movies will be centralized within their Movies Anywhere library and available across platforms.”

There is undoubtedly going to be plenty of inducements for customers to give it a try. Anybody wanting to try it out for themselves can sign up now at the Movies Anywhere site.