Comcast Being Fastest Internet In America Drops Ad Slolag

comcastIt looks like Comcast has to come up with a new slogan, as it has been told to stop marketing its Xfinity broadband service as the “fastest internet in America”, according to a recommendation issued today by the National Advertising Review Board (NARB).

The decision was made after Verizon raised questions about Comcast’s marketing techniques last year. Because Comcast conveniently ignored Verizon’s FiOS offering and promoted Xfinity in a superior form and light.

NARB’s investigative arm, soon into investigation found out that Comcast’s speed being its most expensive internet plan, was faster than Verizon’s. However, this was not true of every Xfinity speed plan. And because Comcast did not make this clear in its ads, people could easily believe that Comcast’s Xfinity is the fastest internet in America while purchasing for home internet plan from Comcast.
Comcast agreed to abide by the recommendation in future advertisements, adding that it expects “NAD and NARB will hold all advertisers to the same standards when making similar claims.”