Body Labs, Body Modelling Startup is Now Part of Amazon


New York Based Body Labs, 3D human body modeling startup which allows the user to try outfits virtually now is a part of Amazon. Body Labs has software that scans the body and has its application for Fashion and Gaming platforms. Body Labs announced the deal on its website, but there is no disclosure on the pricing of the acquisition. According to TechCrunch reports, Amazon has bought the startup for anywhere between $50 to $70 million.

Body Labs has developed software that allows Fashion Brands and other Businesses to integrated their API and let their customer try outfits or any product that has something to do with the body through its 3D motion scanning method. Companies can use the API to accurately predict and measure the 3D shape of user’s body using a single image. Body Lens has made it very easy that it can be used to products where the customer requires customization and personalization experience.


Currently, there is no definite news from Amazon that how they are going to use this startup to their business and what will they with this acquisition. We can relate that recently Amazon started its private label fashion brands and launched Amazon Wardrobe this year. Amazon Wardrobe lets its Prime users try clothing before they buy it and return them if they don’t want or don’t like. A see can relate this to the benefit of Amazon and how it would impact its Wardrobe service in future.

We might see Body Labs technology on Amazon immediately, but Amazon will definitely use the startup expertise to collect the fashion data through several methods for Fit and Size. Fit and Size is the most crucial factor behind every successful shopping on any online shop for the customer. The more the Data, The more its easy to acquire the customer and might help in customisation too.