Atlassain Makes It’s Largest Acquisition with Trello for $425 Million


Atlassian an Australian startup that specialises in a software which helps teams to work better together announced that it is going to acquire Trello, a company that also builds software for teams in a deal worth 425 million USD.

The deal is going to happen in 360 million USD, and the rest of it will be paid in options and shares. This deal marks as the largest acquisition got Atlassian till date and an 18th in 14 years, reports Forbes.

Atlassian was started 15 years ago with a mission to “unleash the potential in every team”. On the other hand Trello has started five years ago but has proven itself stable with over 19 million registered users by solving an important problem: capturing and adding structure to fluid, fast-forming work.

“Trello’s pioneering use of an intuitive visual system has been embraced by all kinds of teams to do everything from managing marketing campaigns to tracking action items from team meetings. Organisations in nearly every country and as varied as the Red Cross and Google have adopted Trello to get work done”, said Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder of Atlassian.

“We’re excited about partnering with Atlassian because we both share a philosophy of empowering teams everywhere to work in their own style. We envision the world where hundreds of millions of people collaborate in teams however they like, with their imaginations being the only constraint for what they can accomplish. As part of Atlassian, Trello will be able to leverage investments in R&D that will enhance the product in meaningful ways. Our team will be able to focus on improving the core experience of Trello for all users. We are certain that Atlassian understands the unique and novel reasons why Trello is so successful and well-loved”, said Trello in a blog post.

What this means for Trello users is that if you are a free or a paid user, you could still use Trello but as a standalone service. Atlassian will work with Trello’s product team to help them accelerate development efforts. And if you are an Atlassian user you could set up a Trello account and explore what Trello has to offer.

“Teams have always been the critical element of successful organizations. We’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in unleashing the potential of every team”, added  Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder of Atlassian.