A Passion Turned Into Business Named Honigman Media

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‘Content is king’ is quite a popular usage in the online marketing sector, and that is the key mantra for the success of many online businesses. Content marketing consultancies play a requisite role in uplifting these businesses. A marketing agency can only be established in the field if it has an ingenious and inspiring founder. Brain Honigman was pretty self-motivated and confident to raise one of the top digital marketing consultancy, Honigman Media. 

Do the Business What You Love

Endeavor on what we are passionate about is the success tip from Brain. His life is all about writing and speaking. With the unparalleled efforts, he is not only just a founder and CEO of a marketing agency, but writer, speaker, and coach. Above that, he is working as a professor at New York University. He managed all these territories passionately. Two things helped Brain to build Honigman Media in 2015: His mastery and devotion in content creation and marketing. 

The Two Inspirations: For Personality And Workplace

Brain always considers Barbara Corcoran, the famous American businesswoman, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author, and television personality as his perfect role model.

Her successful management of a multitude of areas is appreciable. Above that, her positive perspective on life and business is what attracted Brain, and he could witness it directly as she was his professor. 

According to Brain, The apparel retailer Nasty Gal’s is what Honigman Media follows, no-a**holes rule. His firm deals with genuine and reliable people, and never compromise on it. 

A Passion Turned Into Business Named Honigman Media

Know Your Value And Make The Deal

Brain committed a mistake in the case of valuing Honigman Media; he priced the service lower. He considers that as the biggest mistake he has done since the real price should have better. He puts this as a message to the growing entrepreneurs, knows your value before you decide the price of your capabilities. 

The Cycle Of Daily Routine 

As an entrepreneur with a lot of engagements and busy schedules, he maintains a very productive routine to manage everything. The first thing he does in the morning is doing the easiest work, such as reading important articles and replying to the clients. Later he moves on to much more serious works. 

The Fully Packed Services That Assisted Top Companies Globally

Honigman Media gives services in six areas with full-fledged solutions, and the services include strategy development, content creation, marketing courses, 1-on-1 marketing coaching, group training & workshop, and speaking.

The legacy of the founder is worth mentioning as he has worked with top international ventures, and there is a prolonged list: The United Nations, the Weather Company, UNICEF, Thomson Reuters, NATO, Amerisleep, Sumall, People Magazine, the American Advertising Federation, Samsung, Sprout Social, Internet Week, Percolate, Wix, Quaero, Gypsy Warrior and many more.

An Efficient Financial Strategy For Young Entrepreneurs

Establishing a business demands a good amount of money. According to Brain, anyone can start a business without spending any outside financial source. He suggests saving three to six months' salary from the current job. It will be sufficient for the essential for managing all the expenses in the beginning.

Once You Find Your Passion

The overall philosophy of Brain Honigman is to establish the business on your passion. According to him, making a blog and writing all your interests will pave a path for your career.


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