Secure Instant Messaging & Chat Software For Private Via Bopup

Instant Messaging (IM) is to young people what email is to their parents’ generation: the best way to communicate online with the advantage that IM conversations take place in real time. And this is where Bopup came into the picture.

Bopup An Introduction

Bopup is an enterprise instant messaging platform that provides the organizations, business, project teams and some other types of users with a fast, secure and reliable solution that lets them talk, collaborate and communicate in real time. This IM software enables the users to perform one on one conversations and group chats within a fully encrypted channel even when they do it with the help of internet.

With Bopup, users have control on how to secure their communication lines with three user authentication modes: Simple, Private Login/Password, Windows Authentication. Importing user accounts from a global database into a local database is quick and easy as Bopup supports the Active Directory(LDAP).

All the messages and file transactions are achieved. This even allows users to browse and search for the specific messages, files and conversations from any period and any person and print the information when the need arises.

Let us look at some of the features of Bopup:

Extremely Secure IM Platform

The Bopup IM platform is based on the self-hosted messaging server with security features that are enhanced on a day to day basis. This ensures that all the information, contact databases, and conversations which more are easily accessible to authorized users but remain safe from authorized parties. Bopup is also a very manageable system that can be modified to suits your needs.

Active Directory (LDAP) support & integration

With Bopup, you and your members are instantly authenticated provided you are domain authorization, thanks to Active Directory support and integration. This means you that you and your team don’t have to enter their login details and password every single time they access and use the system.

Messaging logging & archiving

All information, messages, files, contact details and some other data processed or facilitated within the Bopup system is logged and even archived. This makes it easy for you to search and retrieve specific details and have them printed out with ease. There is also a security dimension into this, as the IM server is working locally, you never have to fear about having any confidential data stored somewhere else.

Reasonable pricing with one-time fee scheme

Bopup is available as a lifetime licensed product. That means as you don’t have to pay any recurring and on monthly fees required to continue with the software.


To Sum Up

Overall, Bopup offers the great features. Bopup Communication Server is an instant messaging server for private IM, internal chat and secure collaboration over corporate and business networks.