BookNook’s Vision of Elevating Children’s Reading Skills through Technology

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Literacy is the first step to building a creative society, and it has various levels. Growing reading habits in students is quite important to develop it. How to make students' writing more productive and more creative? Many schools and teachers find it challenging, and Michael Lombardo’s BookNook emerged as an artificial intelligence backed solution for this.

With years of experience in education policymaking, Michael is an expert in the sector. As an entrepreneur who aims at bringing social change by implementing a productive education policy, he has written several articles on the subject. He also worked as CEO of Reading Partners and uplifted the company as the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in America. To that, he gained substantial evidence-based ideas on literacy and education. Above all, he understood that only technology can elevate the scales of educational programs. 

Michael launched BookNook in Oakland, California, in 2016. BookNook is an online reading tool that can be used in schools, small groups, families, and so on. The tool is felicitated with productive study materials and exercises to enhance children’s reading and comprehensive abilities. The tool can be synced to multiple devices, and teachers and students can engage together.

BookNook’s Vision of Elevating Children’s Reading Skills through Technology

To understand the importance of BookNook, it is better to look at how most of the teachers are currently accessing the library. They go to the library to choose a section from the book and distribute the photocopies to the students.

When it comes to BookNook, it is convenient and compelling for the students as well as teachers. The tool is integrated with a large library that contains books across hundreds of titles. The materials of 10-45 minute reading sessions are meant for elementary school students.  

Students and teachers can access BookNook easily since it can be synced to a Chrome or Safari browser on any device. The reading materials are structured by including various questions at various levels. 

Apart from all these exercises, teachers can track the progress of the students. All reading activities are recorded in BookNook. Based on this track record, teachers can easily understand same-level students and make groups and assign reading exercises accordingly.

The company has raised a total of $3.1 million for its seed round and looking for potential investors. Many schools and institutions are partnered with BookNook, and it includes Boys & Girls Club of America, Atlanta Public School, Dallas Independent School District and so on.

 After BookNook is implemented, schools are witnessing  2.4x growth in students' reading ability. According to Kevin Hatter, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs, after BookNook launched in the summer program, the impact was unprecedented, and it attracted more clients. 

Beyond providing a tool for reporting children's reading progress, BookNook gives support throughout the BookNook programs. Along with English education, Spanish dual language exercises as well. That is for older students who have time and interest in learning an additional language. 

Many schools and programs are using BookNook in various ways and see good results. This is a substantial example of how technology can brilliantly elevate literacy and reading skills in children.


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