Startup in Review: Blazepod | A Whole New Attitude Towards Exercise

BlazePod, which is the interactive Flash Reflex Training system that will analyze and enhance all your training activities. It is a whole new attitude towards exercising. Small, touch-sensitive pods are used as visual cues to keep you on your toes, measure and increase your workout experience.

All you need to do is to run the BlazePod app on your smartphone, set up your pods and simply start with your workout. The BlazePod FRT system allows users to be the very best you can be. The BlazePod mobile app enables you to precisely measure and analyze your drills in the most effective

The BlazePod app is also straightforward and straightforward to use. Beautiful infographics make planning a training session vibrant and fun. Use it to plan all your training sessions and more essentially, to measure your performance down to the millisecond.

Blazepod Drills

For all those people who are not sure when to begin, there is a host of drills to choose from. Use the professional, pre-defined drills to improve your reaction time, agility, speed, strength, stability and hand-eye coordination and much more.

Group And Individual Training

With the help of a BlazePod, group training can be taken to an entirely new level. The group training mode challenges you and your friends with fun, competitive skills. Compete and push each other motivation to the sky.

Custom Drills

With a highly flexible system, you can create your very own drills and mold them into the perfect workout that suits your needs. You have the option of customizing existing programs, or for those with a more active imagination, new programs can easily be created from scratch.

Measure And Analyze Your Performance

BlazePod real-time data analytics allows you and your client to be best you can be simply by measuring your performance with the help of an app. Pods connected to the app will relay information on speed, agility, and many more calculated elements of your overall performance giving you the best workout ever, each and every point of time.

Train Harder, Exceed Your Limits And Beat The Numbers