Blackberry Working With Jaguar In Software Development For Land Rovers

BlackBerry Ltd and Tata Motors Ltd’s Jaguar Land Rover announced on Thursday that they have agreed on a license to use the Canadian based company’s software in this upcoming range of electric cars and vehicles.

Blackberry will give its security and infotainment software to Jaguar Land Rover, in Blackberry’s latest deal for its auto driving cars after similar deals the company made with Qualcomm Inc, Baidu Inc and Aptiv Plc, Reuters reported.

Blackberry’s QNX unit which is responsible for the development of computer systems on cars and has been used for years bone to run car infotainment consoles, and now expects to start generating by the year 2019.

Blackberry’s Certicom Unit mainly focuses on security and has clients such as IBM Corp, GE Co., and Continental Airlines. Jaguar Land Rover which was acquired by Tata Group in 2008 that it would have the electric hybrid vehicles by the year 2020. The company also said in January that it would start a software engineering center in Ireland to develop advanced automatic driving and electrification tech.


Source: Reuters