Bitfract | A Multi Digital Asset Bitcoin Exchange

What Is Bitfract?

Bitfract is a Shapeshift powered and supported platform that lets you exchange one cryptocurrency into the multiple cryptocurrencies. It is a platform which allows you to transfer an existing cryptocurrency into the multiple cryptocurrencies. It is powered and supported by the Shapeshift, which is also one of the most popular crypto-to-crypto exchange services on the planet.

You can use the Bitfract to quickly and easily rebalance your portfolio. You might decide that you are over-exposed to one currency for example, and want to diversify into the ten different cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Or, even if you have only ever invested in the Bitcoin, then you can instantly invest in the five most popular altcoins.

Bitfract is also designed for the convenience: instead of logging into the 10 different platforms and exchanges to purchase unique coins, you can directly purchase coins supported by the Shapeshift API. The result is a diversified crypto portfolio with the minimal work which is required on your end. Bitfract is free to use.

How Shapeshift's Free Crypto Exchange Tool Works

Although the exchange application is still in its BETA version, users can still reserve access to see how it works. And it is on record that it is like the typical crypto exchange with a little twist to the trades. Users can exchange the Bitcoin into the multiple currencies at once, and this is the unique aspect with the Bitfract.

For some with the 1 Bitcoin, and want to invest in let say two cryptocurrencies will have the investment split in half for both the currencies in separate trades. That will happen through an online form that also allows for you to split the ratio which you wish to desire. Moreover, the Bitfract platform can still assist you in investing as it will give a much more precise percentage of what each currency desires.

Bitfract Conclusion

Bitfract is a unique online service that lets you swap your cryptocurrency into the multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Apart from the individual making the ten different trades to buy the ten different currencies, then you can instantly diversify your single cryptocurrency into the ten different cryptocurrencies. You can avoid singing into the multiple exchanges, additionally, you can make a purchase of any cryptocurrency which is supported by the Shapeshift.