Beresheet Lander Used By Firefly to Land Upon The Moon Surface

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Firefly aerospace signed an intellectual contract with Israel aerospace industries to manufacture the next beresheet spacecraft lunar lander. NASA has selected firefly aerospace apart from nine different companies. Already Israel's 1st lunar lander has reached the surface of the moon. But these companies were looking forward to changing their spacecraft designs for their future missions. 

Israel aerospace industries have built beresheet if it has been successful. This is the first privately funded vehicle which touches the surface of the moon. Although beresheet have launched its vehicle successfully and made its way to lunar orbit. Unfortunately while landing the spacecraft, the main engine temporarily shut down due to the descent of surface. 

Beresheet is so fast and slammed upon the moon surface because it lost slight self-control. After this accident, they have been planned to send another lander to the moon, which is known as Beresheet shtayim. 

Texas company focus on launching small to medium objects that weigh about 1,000 kilograms to 4,000 kilograms. This beresheet weights about 600 kilograms with fuel. The cost of the firefly launch is $15 million. 


The experience has gained the beresheet moon to co-develop with spaceIL that puts IAI at the forefront. IAI is using lunar lander technology which enables to undertake lunar missions. They are proud to partner with Firefly aerospace. 

It's an agreement made by IAI, which allows firefly to build their momentum by expanding their lunar capabilities. The firefly's American version beresheet will be built in the United States in the name of "Genesis." beresheet is lifted off its Cape Canaveral in Florida with falcon 9 rocket private US-based space X company. 

During its last two month, it has traveled  6.5 million kilometers around the earth. This beresheet has sent back so many selfies and photos of the moon. After the launch Israel's entry into the Google Lunar X challenge to land the spacecraft on the moon. 

This a spacecraft which is priced around $100 million. The private companies like spaceIL, Israel aerospace industries have funded their private donations from well-known Jewish philanthropists. Israel has become the 7th country to reach the moon. 

Already the united states, Russia, Japan, China, India, and European space agency had made their visits to the moon through probes. While the US, Russia, and China have successfully landed upon the moon surface. Remaining probes have lost their control and crashed finally. Beresheet 2.0 has mentioned on twitter too.


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